Aluminum PCB Board

Aluminum is a kind of metal-based copper clad laminate with good heat dissipation function. Generally, a single panel is composed of three layers, namely, circuit layer (copper foil), insulation layer

FR4 PCB Board

FR4FR is for “Flame Retardant”. As a printed circuit board is made to work with electricity, it is supposed to resist heat. FR4 has a much better heat resistance than FR1/XPC thanks to a different com


CEM1/CEM3CEM-1 is a composite material composed of woven glass fabric and a paper core combined with epoxy resin. With properties of easy punching, excellent electrical properties, and higher flexible


FR1/XPCThose materials are used in every-day devices that don’t require a large amount of modern technology. They are made of paper and phenol which are cheap and easy to build, but with poor resistan

PCB Assembly

PCBA is the abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board Assembly in English, that is to say, the whole process of PCB blank board through SMT or DIP plug-in, referred to as PCBA. With the component Capacito

Rigid-Flex board

Rigid-flex PCB is meaning the flexible circuit board and the rigid circuit board are obtained by pressing

5G通信, 5G module FR4, 6L, 2.0mm, Plating Gold, 0.1/0.1mm

5G通信, 5G module FR4, 6L, 2.0mm, Plating Gold, 0.1/0.1mm

Rigid Board-FR4 from 1L To 6L Start Production

Today we start our production from 1L to 6L,here our capability will be shown.Layers:1L,2L,4L,6LMin Line/Space:3/3mil(0.076mm)TG:Tg135/150/170FR4、CEM-1、MajorCCL:&nb

FR4-2L-ENIG-Infrared forehead thermometer PCB

FR4-2L-ENIG-Infrared forehead thermometer PCB

Aluminium And CEM Board Start Production

Production of Aluminium Board and CEM Board are starting running.Let’s tell you more!Layer: 1-2LMain Brand: ITEQ,ShengYi,BoYu,Chaosheng,KB,Max.Board Size: 59inch * 59inch(1500mm*1500m)Thermal Co