DITSA New Online Quote System

Dear DITSA members:With the continuous upgrading of factory production capacity and technology, in order to accurately match the needs of users, DITSA officially launched the new version of the pricin

Understanding the Advantages of Multilayer PCBs

PCB fabrication and design can come in many different styles. Each has its own benefits and deficits. When you create your own PCB, you will need to decide what kind of PCB you want. In order to do th

LED aluminum PCB board design

LED Aluminum PCB is composed of the circuit layer (copper foil layer), thermal insulation layer and the metal core layer. Circuit layer require great current-carrying capacity, thus should use thicker

How to Eliminate Formation of Solder Beads and Solder Balls?

DefinitionsSolder beads are large solder spheres which form aside components during reflow. They are most common with low stand-off resistors and capacitors.Solder balls are small, widely scatter


SMT stands for Surface Mount Technology, the entire technology of mounting and soldering surface mount components onto a printed circuit board or PCB. SMD is an abbreviation for surface mount devices,

Everything You Need To Know About Prototype PCBs

Building aprinted circuit board (PCB) is more than coming up with the design and sending it off for production. Proper PCB fabrication should include a prototype stage where you send in your des

Researchers Develop Circuit Board Technology That Immediately Self-Repairs

In recent Terminator news, engineers at The University of California San Diego have invented a prototype printed circuit board technology that canrepair itself after being damaged.For those that

Aluminium And CEM Board Start Production

Production of Aluminium Board and CEM Board are starting running.Let’s tell you more!Layer: 1-2LMain Brand: ITEQ,ShengYi,BoYu,Chaosheng,KB,Max.Board Size: 59inch * 59inch(1500mm*1500m)Thermal Co