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  • PCB Assembly Requirements
    Types of Assembly File Format Parts Footprint Testing Procedures Procedures
    SMT Assembly Gerber RS-274X, 274D or PCB Design File 0201, 0402, 0603 ,0805... Visual Inspection Lead-Free (RoHS)
    SMT & THT Assembly BOM (Bill of Materials, .xls, xlsx) BGA, QFN, QFP, PLCC X-Ray Inspection Reflow Soldering
    2 Sided SMT, THT Assembly Pick-N-Place/XY File SOIC, POP... Connectors AOl, ICT (In-Circuit Test) Wave Soldering
    Mixed Assembly Small Pitch of 8 Mils Functional Testing
  • PCB Assembly Capabilities
    Supported Capabilities
    Type of Assembly THD (Thru-hole device) / Conventional
    SMT (Surface-mount Technology)
    SMT & THD mixed
    Double-sided SMT and/or THD Assembly
    Production Capacity SMT 4,000,000 points/day
    THT 500,000 points/day
    Components Passives, smallest size 0201
    Fine Pitch to 08 Mils
    Lead-less Chip Carriers/ BGA, FPGA, LGA, DFN, QFN & QFP
    onnectors and terminals
    Component Packaging Reels
    Cut tape
    Tube and tray
    Loose Parts and Bulk
    Board Dimensions Min Panel size: 45mm*45mm
    Max Panel size: 400mm*1500mm
    Board Type Rigid, Flexible, Rigid-flexible, Metal Base
    Solder Type Leaded and Lead-Free
    Water soluble solder paste
    Manual soldering for special part, e,g.wires and temp-sensitive parts.
    Design File Format Gerber RS-274X, 274D, Eagle and AutoCAD’s DXF, DWG
    BOM (Bill of Materials, EXCEL format)
    Pick and Place file (XYRS)

PCB Assembly Plant in USA,CA



Files Requirements

Please make sure to prepare the following files. Please put them in a ZIP file.

  • PCB - Gerber Files
    • Include all the layers (circuit, outline, drilling, soldermask, silkscreen, solder paste, etc).
  • PCB assembly files
    • BOM: Bill of Materials (BOM) in Excel format. Your BOM should include:
    • Manufacturer Part number
    • Reference designators
    • Quantity of each part
    • Part description
    • Type (SMT, Thru-Hole, Fine-pitch, BGA, etc.).
    • Package description (QFN32, SOIC, 0402, 0805, etc. package is very helpful).
  • Centroid File
  • Also known as pick and place file. It should include component locations, rotations and reference designators.

PCB Fabrication Requirements

  1. All Printed Circuit Boards needs to have fiducial marks. If no, we will suggest to add on PCB production.
  2. Your PCB length and width need to be at least 1.78 inches (approximately 45mm). If no, we will panelize your boards on PCB production.
  3. Components should be at least 0.120 inches (3mm) from board edge. If components are closer or overhang the board edge then borders will be required. When components are close to the edge we prefer tab routs with mouse bites instead of V-scored panels.


Please ship all components to:

Attn: (Insert Order Number)Your Exclusive sales name
1206 , zhihui Bldg, Xinsha Rd 529, shajing St, Baoan Dist, Guangdong province, Shenzhen, 518000, CHN

Please try to ship each kind component separately and do not combine multiple orders in one box, unless the component are clearly marked and separated. All components should have a packing slip listing all the items and quantities included. We appreciate an email sent to us with the tracking information, especially when drop shipping multiple components from suppliers.


DITSA wants to provide you with an accurate and smooth assembly process. To ensure that your job is not placed on hold, plese follow these guidelines:

  1. Accurate Data

    An error free assembly process requires accurate data. Each job should have a BOM (bill of materials), a pick and place file (also known as a centroid file) andmatching Gerber data. Add a DO NOT POPULATE (DNP) column to the BOM if there are parts which should not be populated on the PCB.

  2. Ensure Proper Footprints

    Some parts are available in different packages. Make sure that the part you specify in the BOM matches the footprint on the PCB.

  3. Organize Components

    Parts should be separated into individual bags or trays. Each bag or tray should be marked with Manufacturer name and Manufacturer part number and all reference designators where the part is used. If needed, you can substitute distributor name and part number in place of (or in addition to) manufacturer information.

  4. Multiple Jobs Per Order

    The parts for each job should be packaged separately. Include separate BOM and pick and place file for each job

  5. Component Quantities

    Prototype & Small Build (1 to 25 boards)

    Extra parts will be required on small builds (1 to 25 boards) as follows:

    • 0201 to 0603 size: Minimum extra quantity 50-100 plus required quantity
    • 0805 to 1206 size: Minimum extra quantity 15-20 plus required quantity
    • On large size components 1 or 2 extra parts is fine

    For large runs extra parts 5 or 10% overage is appropriate.

    • All items must be on a continuous strip or reel
    • Special instructions must be provided if components need special handling such as no clean solder
    • Bulks or Trays are okay for THT
    • Avoid order tubes but if any SMD is in tube it must be a full length

  6. Update your BOM and Pick and Place File

    If you have any last-minute design changes, please remember to reflect these changes in your BOM, pick and place file and any other relevant documentation.

  7. Mark Polarity

    Make sure you indicate proper orientation for all parts that have polarity. Place a dot or a number “1” on pin 1 of ICs where the orientation is not obvious. Ensure that polarized capacitors and diodes are properly marked.

  8. Special Instructions

    Provide detailed instructions for any special procedures required to assemble your boards. Include sketches, photos, PDF files and/or drawings as needed

  9. Drop Shipping from Suppliers

    Please ask your suppliers to place your DITSA Order Number on the outside of any package dropped shipped to us.