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Rigid Board-FR4 from 1L To 6L Start Production

  • 2016-08-20
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Today we start our production from 1L to  6L,here our capability will be shown.


Min Line/Space:3/3mil(0.076mm)

TG:Tg135/150/170 FR4、CEM-1、

Major CCL:           Rogers、Aluminum Base

Min Hole Size:   8mil(0.2mm)Board Kinds:High Frequency 、Halogen Free

Others: Copper Base

Min Thickness:   8mil(0.2mm)Main Material: KB、SHENYI、ITEQ 、


Max.Thickness:   240mil(6.0mm)Other Materials:HUAZHENG、ISOLA、NANYA、

Other Brand:   ROGERS、TEFLON

Min Cu thickness:0.5oz(18um)Solder mask: TAIYO INK,Kuangshun
Max Cu thickness:6.0oz(210um)Chemical:ATOTECH、MACDERMID
Max Panle Size:23.6″×39.4”Surface Treatment:
HAL(Lead-Free),ENIG,OSP,Imm Silver,Imm Tin
BGA:                     YesGold Finger: Yes
Half Hole/Sink Hole: YesCarbon Ink:  Yes
Impedance Control: YesPEEPLABE:  Yes(PETERS)