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Aluminium And CEM Board Start Production

  • 2016-08-30
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Production of Aluminium Board and CEM Board are starting running.
Let’s tell you more!

Layer: 1-2L

Main Brand: ITEQ,ShengYi,BoYu,Chaosheng,KB,

Max.Board Size:  59inch * 59inch(1500mm*1500m)

Thermal Conductvity: 0.8-2.5w/m.k(Ony for Alu)

Board Thickness:  0.4-.2.5mm

Min.Line Width:  0.10mm

Min.Space:  0.10mm

Min.Hole Size:  0.2mm

PTH Wall Thickness:  >0.025mm

PTH Hole Dia.Tolerance : ±0.075mm

NPTH Hole Dia.Tolerance: ±0.05mm

Hole Position Deviation:   ±0.076mm

Surface Treatment:OSP,HAL(Lead-Free),Imm Gold,

Outline Tolerance:   ±0.1mm

V-cut:   30°/45°/60°

Min.BGA PAD: 14mil

Impedance control PCB:   ≤50Ω ±5Ω
>50Ω ±10%

Soldemask Layer Min.Bridge width:   5mil

Soldemask film Min.Thickness:  10mil

Insulation Resistance:  1012Ω,Normal

Peel-off Strength: 1.4N/mm

Soldemask Abrasion:  >5H

Soldexability Test:  260℃ 20second

E-test Voltage:  50-250V

Permitivity:  ε=2.1~10.0

Volume resistance:  1014Ω-m,ASTM D257,IEC60093